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About Libertas

See the gallery for pictures of Floating Boathouses ‘Petit Somerville’ & ‘Ardiola’ on the Thames and ‘Floating Boathouse Model’ Pictures

As a result of extensive countrywide flooding in recent years and homes and properties in the flood plains being inundated and endangered by ever increasing flood levels, the concept of ‘floating homes’ is becoming more and more attractive in the UK. It is well known that Holland is well advanced in this field.

Conventionally built ground-founded homes in flood plains are subject to very high insurance premiums and it is known that some properties are now uninsurable and therefore suffer serious downgrading of values.

‘Libertas’ floating homes are unsinkable. The floatation platforms on which they are built are constructed of high grade concrete and designed such that no accommodation is below the water line.

Although we have an extensive range of designs in our portfolio, all our structures are designed and built to order. Our range of floating boathouses is much favoured by river/lakeside/estuary boat owners.

A ‘Libertas’ floating boathouse provides year round protection for your boat with the benefit of luxurious accommodation of any kind on the upper decks.

Because it floats, the boathouse will never flood and therefore your boat will never suffer damage to its upper works during times of flooding and will remain protected from the elements, regardless of weather and water level conditions.

Also, because of the technology for eco-friendly heating & cooling that is now available, our floating structures are able to be installed with specialized heat pumps which use the temperature of the water, in which they float, as the energy source (heating in the winter and cooling in the summer).

About Stroud & Burley Consultancy

Ian Burley studied architecture at Hammersmith School of Architecture, Lime Grove, London, in the late 1950's – early 1960's.

He formed a design partnership with William Stroud in 1962 and the practice undertook commissions in the UK and abroad, mainly in the field of leisure developments

The practice worked extensively in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, U.S.A. and the Caribbean.Following William Stroud's retirement from the practice, Ian Burley focused his design activities on marine and riverine projects and formed ‘Libertas Floating Structures Ltd’ in order to design and build floating boathouses, houseboats, pubs, restaurants etc.


Stroud & Burley Consultancy, in conjunction with Libertas Floating Structures Ltd, is a multidiscipline research, design and consultancy firm specialising particularly in sustainable flood proof developments in urban and countryside locations.

In recent months Stroud & Burley Consultancy was commissioned by Longridge Activity Centre, Marlow on Thames, to carry out a study to replace existing land-built floodable structures with specially designed floating units to be located in the backwater of Taylor Island.

The study comprised:

a) A floating accommodation unit of 20no en-suite cabins including 6no cabins designed for wheelchair accessibility, which in total will accommodate 68 persons on two decks. Each deck incorporating a ‘carers/supervisors’ cabin.

b) A floating ‘mess room’/canteen providing 96 covers inside and 38 covers outside (134 covers in total), male and female toilets include separate wheelchair accessible lavatories. The kitchen will speedily provide plentiful, nourishing meals and beverages.

c) A floating boathouse with launching pontoon. Boats are conventionally stored on rackings on the lower deck with associated facilities on the upper deck.

The accommodation unit and the boathouse are located on Taylor Island and are accessed by means of a new timber footbridge over the Taylor Island backwater.

Presently the existing dormitory blocks and the canteen are subject to regular seasonal flooding. The energy efficient floating replacements will of course rise and fall with the changing river levels and remain dry, secure and safe at all times.

Stroud & Burley Consultancy in partnership with Allen Watson of Buttery & Watson – Town Planning Consultants have, on behalf of Longridge On The Thames Ltd, submitted our proposals to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Development Control seeking planning permission to carry out the works and determination is expected in early 2014.