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Model Boathouse

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We produced a model to give viewers the idea of, not only what is possible but how well our floating boathouses and structures can blend in as riverside property.

The boathouses are designed to be moored either in purpose made wet docks or alongside a shoreline with hinged, guarded ‘gangplanks’ for accessibility.

They are often able to be moored in locations where, because of planning or other constraints, it would not be possible to construct a conventional building. Where the mooring is located in the grounds of an existing house, for example, the architectural vocabulary of the house can, if it is desired, be incorporated into the design of the boathouse.

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As you can see, the front elevation can include a sumptuous veranda on the upper deck, with a view overlooking the water above the front entrance. Our boathouses can also be designed to incorporate extra mooring space alongside the structure.

Please see the gallery for more images